Meet Malcolm

IEng. BSc. ( Hons) , FIET , FIRSE , Cert Soc. Sci                                     

I ran as a PPC in Durham North and now I am a Brexit party PPC.

Being an MP is huge responsibility, it must always be borne in mind that many people who do not vote for you must also be represented. The MP is also there to give back to the party which entrusted him with that responsibility, so he must at all times be a committed team player.

What local issue concern  you right now? 

Housing, access to Doctors , the decline of the high street  in your town  Water extraction and sewerage.


Its exciting and fun being involved  with STEM  projects !  A  project In which  I assisted, enabled a girl from Petersfield School to win Young Engineer of Year in 2017


My role as a stem Ambassador both the STEM   Winchester Science Centre and  for the IET

    Careers talks at local School

     STEM display for the IET in a Petersfield school

     Fareham  STEM Fai

  Green power  Car Challenge 

      Asking engineering  measurement questions


A Strong History

I was born in Woking and now I live in Petersfield which is within the East Hants Constituency. I have run two Electronics and Engineering companies for the last 30 years and I’m now semi-retired and passing the company on to my Son. My career has involved extensive travel throughout the world even to oil rigs in the North Sea and so I’m very familiar with other cultures and ways of life both professionally and on a personal level and to giving lectures and talks to quite large audiences especially in China. The international trade was mostly conducted under WTO terms, it works and it’s easy. I was also involved with setting up a Chinese /UK Joint venture company with the Chinese ministry of aviation

  • Local to East Hampshire
  • Long experience in international trade
  • Vast knowledge of other cultures
  • strong community ties
  • In depth WTO experience

Results & Accomplishments

Hampshire Education Support

Assistance with after school Science clubs in Hampshire and I am a STEM ‘ambassador’ accredited by INTECH at Winchester and also hold the voluntary post as ‘Schools STEM Liaison Officer’ for the IET in Hampshire.  STEM education is something I believe passionately. The UK  need engineers and scientists to compete with the exciting fast growing world which lies outside  the inward looking and bureaucratic  EU. I also sing in a local Choral Society

Local interests

I sing in a local Choral Society

Vice Chairman of the Petersfiulds ans Soukth Downs Probus Club

Professional status

Incorporated Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology , Fellow of the Institute of Railway Signal Engineers,  BSc.(Hons) Psychology, Certificate in the Social Sciences (OU)

My Pledge


“Working closely with our local school i can see that nearly ten years of Conservative rule has left the schools of East Hampshire significantly underfunded.. I will campaign for greater funding for our schools.”

“I will also campaign for more a greater police presence in our local district and investment in services”


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The BREXIT Party believes

Ignoring the Benn Bill.

 The Prime Minister has said that he will ignore the fast-tracked Benn Bill to take “ No Deal off the table in negotiations with the EU. If he doesn’t send it for Royal Assent, there will be greater cries of “Stop the Coup”, arguably from the Remainers leading it. A one Line Bill to get around the FTPA is open to amendment, so unlikely to be brought forward. The opposition will pressure the PM to ask the EU for a further Extension to the Leaving date. This would be opposed by the Brexit Party and the collapse of the PMs public position to “ Die in a Ditch” before asking for a further extension.

Alliance with the Brexit Party Following on from yesterday’s advertisement in the Daily Telegraph highlighting a potential alliance, some commentators are beginning to acknowledge that a Tory/ Brexit Party Alliance for Leave would deliver a Thumping majority to the Beleaguered PM. The Brexit Party continues to offer its support – if the PM stands firm and keeps” No Deal” on the Negotiating Table. Theresa May’s Non Withdrawal Treaty must not return.

Latest Polling

Survation’s latest poll has the Brexit Party up 3% points to 17% last night. While one poll cannot be trusted, there is now a trend where the Brexit Party is no longer slowly dipping but has levelled. This suggests that people who initially believed Boris would deliver are now looking that the Brexit Party as the only way out

    A Clean Break Brexit

    Advantages of a Clean Break Brexit

    Leaving without a Withdrawal Treaty on October 31 st means the UK would be free to:
    1. Divert about £39 billion allocated to the EU divorce settlement to be spent by the
    government in Britain instead

    2. Cease payment of the UK annual contribution to the EU, which is currently around £17
    billion gross and over £13 billion net.

    3. Leave the Customs Union and remove or reduce common external tariffs currently
    imposed by the EU, thus reducing the cost of living in the UK and benefitting the poorest
    the most.

    4. Take advantage of a more competitive exchange rate boosting our manufacturing

    5. Decide who comes into the country, and immediately begin developing immigration policy
    to better suit our economy

    6. Make our own laws and avoid the ECJ being a final arbiter of any of our law or trade
    agreements with our own Supreme Court becoming the ultimate arbiter of British law.

    7. Frees the UK to undo the grave injustices of the Common Fisheries Policy

    Large scale immigration

    1. Large scale migration into low skilled employment is a net cost to our economy. An unlimited
    supply of cheap labour puts downward pressure on wages, especially if migrant workers come for a
    while on wages unsustainable for the domestic workforce with families to support, and
    disincentivises businesses investing in productivity improvements and training the UK labour force. In addition there is a net cost in additional needed expenditure on public services and in work benefits. Overall many in Britain are faced with paying taxes to support economic migrants who lower their standard of living.

    2.  We’d be immediately free to develop law tailored to our business and economic needs contra to the burdensome pro-oligarchy but anti-small and medium sized business approach of the EU and its capture by big business lobbying. Freed from any ‘vassal state scenario’ where a non-UK court decides on application of British law in the interests of other countries, and the EU itself in particular, we would avoid the EU Court of Justice having the final word freeing us from the central method of EU extra territorial control via its judicial system. There is no point making our own laws if a foreign court determines their meaning.

    3. The UK would be immediately in a far stronger position to support our fishing communities who
    face an extremely dire situation under any ‘transition’ period. This policy area will of course be the focus of a further brief in due course..

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