We gave you a chance to prove your worth to us in a referendum and you couldn’t even get that right, you voted for the wrong option and once again demonstrated your ineptitude, so therefore we must as always take everything into our own hands to save you wretched beings from self-destruction. We are after all your saviours.

This, you could argue is the mind-set of much of the establishment in response to the Brexit referendum, however, I am sure you could extend this line of thinking to other subjects in which the people disagree with the establishment. You will have no doubt recognised this line of thinking throughout the Brexit process, this “we are better THAN you and therefore know what is better FOR you.” It is hugely insulting to the electorate of this great nation; however, it also demonstrates the extraordinary level of narcissism within the establishment. The sheer belief that they, the elites, the very few, know what is best for everyone else. Now don’t get me wrong there are arguments to be made; that in certain situations intellectuals will be right and their authority on specific issues should be seriously listened to, but to say that a select few people know how every individual should and ought to behave or live their lives is absurd.

We live in a democracy and therefore it should be ruled from the bottom up. We voice our thoughts on things that concern us and it is up to those that govern, to translate these thoughts into the way they run the country. In my opinion, that is not what seems to be happening with regards to the Brexit referendum. What has happened in the last three years since the referendum took place and that, to leave the EU emerged as the majority vote, is that all those who voted leave have been demonized and touted as racists and xenophobes and as a result have been tarnished as morally unsound people. The establishment and the media have constantly bombarded us with project fear. They have done everything they can to make leave look like the wrong choice. Instead of the vote being honoured like it was promised, the elites have tried to sabotage it. They have decided that democracy doesn’t work and that they will take this whole situation into their own hands to turn us back from this “catastrophe”. They have decided that their opinion trumps that of 17.4 million people. They have decided their interests are more important than the majority. They have decided that the people have very little worth to them, if they can’t be trusted to make the right decision in their view. This should also worry remainers for if this vote, the biggest in this country’s history, can be sabotaged, then no vote is safe.

This kind of mind-set of that ‘we are better than you and therefore know what is better for you’, is in my opinion, a precursor to totalitarianism. We need to stand up to this anti-democratic move by the establishment, don’t fall for the doublespeak that they are fighting against people who are anti-democratic. It is they who wish to undermine democracy in this great nation, all we ask is that the wish of 17.4 million people who voted in a democratic referendum and won to leave the European Union be honoured. The difference is clear between those who want democracy and those who want to subvert it.

As Reinhold Nieburh once said “It is man’s capacity for justice that makes democracy possible, but it is his tendency to injustice that makes it necessary.”

Andrew Taaffe