Personal responsibility in the grand scheme of things, would to some seem such a trivial matter with everything we face in the world today. However, I deem it to be the most important thing every individual needs to get right and currently it seems to me that it is being completely ignored, underestimated or downright rejected.

Currently it appears to be common place that the leftist view of the world is dominant. What I mean by that, in this particular case; is that people are told by leftist intelligentsia that when things go wrong in their lives, it is because of external issues beyond their control (for example the government, the rich, poverty etc) and are convinced to spend their time blaming anything and everything they can for what they deem is ruining or holding back their life. While this to some extent, either large or small could be true of particular cases, in my opinion, it seems to be a very poor starting point when dealing with these life issues.

One of the hallmarks of Conservative thought is that we as human beings are flawed and therefore make mistakes. This to me seems to be the best starting point when dealing with issues, in other words taking personal responsibility. In my view, It is much quicker and better for us as individuals to find solutions to problems when we acknowledge we have made a mistake and how we could reflect on that mistake to further improve our lives.

It is difficult for people to adopt the Conservative view of individual personal responsibility as it asks us first and foremost to stand outside ourselves, to look down upon ourselves in judgement and to have the integrity to own up to our shortcomings. Now this doesn’t mean external issues aren’t to blame either but my argument is start with yourself first and don’t blame anything and everything for your problems when you haven’t even bothered to be honest with yourself. It is the easy way out and often disingenuous to blame others for our own failings and when we succumb to that line of thought, it allows the politics of envy and revenge to fester and poison our societies.

Friedrich Nietzsche said in The Antichrist “The most common sort of lie is that by which man deceives himself: The deception of others is a relatively rare offence.”

Look at yourself before making accusations and judgements of the world.

Written by : Andrew Taaffe