Speaker Bercow
Retiring Speaker, John Bercow, says that he intends to offer Parliament every possible leeway in procedures to prevent the Government leaving on 31st October with “ No Deal” . He would do so from 19th October, when the PM must write to the Commission seeking an extension of at least 3
months to Art 50.

The Brexit party is clear that this is an abuse of power by a partial Speaker, siding with a Remain Parliament to prevent a Clean, meaningful Brexit. It would begin the reversal of the majority decision to Leave the EU in 2016.

Johnson to seek and Extension?
Cabinet members are urging the PM to seek an extension of Art 50 now, before the Oct 19 letter. The Brexit Party is clear that this would be the confirmation that Bojo is all Bluster and that he has given up on his promise to “ Die in a Ditch” to deliver Brexit. Any attempt to delay or to bring back a
reheated withdrawal agreement would result in a surge of support for The Brexit Party, and we are ready for an election.

DUP offers flexibility
The DUP has said it might consider amended backstop[ proposals if the EU offered them. This could potentially provide 10 votes to get a WA through. The PM would be around 20 votes short after letting the Rebels back in. It would take that number of Labour rebels to get a WA through. And Tory ERG members might reject this. Leaving no majority for the WA again.

The Brexit party believes only a Clean Brexit can deliver of the Referendum and urges the PM to make this clear.

The leaked “ Yellowhammer” document on worst case scenarios for a No Deal Brexit was released by the Government yesterday after pressure from Parliament. The Draft is Dated 2nd August, but represents the position of ex-Chancellor, Philip Hammond and a Remain Cabinet / Senior Civil Service.
The picture painted is of Food and Medication shortages,
Transport delays of up to 2.5 days between Dover / Calais.
The Brexit Party notes that Calais Port has made clear it doesn’t recognise the risk of delay an that Government has not considered that Freight will move to other ports. It also notes that the UK Government under May & Hammond had three years in which to plan an orderly departure as it
implemented the 2016 Majority decision of 17.4m voters to Leave the EU, but clearly made no attempt to do so. Investment should have been made in preparing Port, Road, Rail and storag facilities, alongside automating documentation, by any Government intent of delivering Brexit.