Simon Heffer in New Statesman

‘Those Tories who think the Brexit Party will go quietly once we have left the EU should read a recent post on the Conservative Woman website by John Longworth, Brexit Party MEP and chairman of the Leave Means Leave pressure group. Headlined “Are we watching a monumental act of treachery?” the post argues that Johnson will accept a deal that includes the present withdrawal agreement and political declaration. To the Brexit Party, the agreement and the declaration “give control or force upon us a commitment to a direction of travel in respect of EU defence structures, EU finance structures, control over our spending and competitiveness via state aid rules, ultimate jurisdiction of the ECJ in many areas, continued adherence to the single market and customs union, particularly during a transition period of at least two years when we will have no say in how this plays out. It is Brino [Brexit in name only] writ large. It is not Brexit.