Arron Banks has blasted Channel 4 News as a “propaganda channel” as one of their journalists attempted to doorstep him.

Banks had been interviewed on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show and on Sky News when Channel 4 journalist Fatima Manji attempted to doorstep him.

Manji asked if Banks would make his accounts available to Channel 4 News, the Brexit businessman responded: “I won’t make anything available to Channel 4 News.

“Channel 4 News is the leading proponent of fake news and Remainer, you know, angst in the country.”

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When the reporter asked if Banks would appear on her news organisation for an interview, he simply replied: “Look, I’d rather go and put a revolver against my temple and pull the trigger than go on Channel  4 News.”

Banks went on to say: “Channel 4 are a propaganda channel, they’re not a news channel… Let me make it clear, I’m not interested in Channel 4, I’m not interested in you, and I’m now going to lunch.”

We’re sure many Brexiteers will echo those sentiments…