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As well as being the East Hampshire Brexit Party website , Maybe it can also create a space in which the free exchange of ideas can take place, having said that my own opinion is that we must leave the EU with a ‘clean break’ without  further ado.
Regardless of people’s position on the political spectrum, and especially regarding the issue of BREXIT, we want to hear what you all have to say. It is only through dialogue and the free exchange of ideas that we can keep social totalitarianism at bay.
We have to stop sitting in our own echo chambers and discussing things with only like minded people.
We need to hear different sets of ideas, we need to hear other ways of thinking and see if we can meet in the middle or even change our ways of thinking entirely if we find them to be wrong.
We need to know when to compromise where possible or to stand fast on an idea to achieve the best outcomes but of course the only way of knowing that is being open minded and taking in all the available information to reach a consensus on issues.

The late Christopher Hitchens once said “An argument that explains everything, explains nothing.” The issues we face are complex with many causes behind them. To solve them we need everyone at the table contributing. Not just one group of people giving opinions and making decisions but all groups of people. Populist movements have more than tripled their support in Europe in the last 20 years, securing enough votes to put their leaders into government posts in 11 countries and challenging the established political order across the continent.
The steady growth in support for European populist parties, particularly on the right, is revealed in a groundbreaking analysis of their performance in national elections in 31 European countries over two decades, conducted by the Guardian in conjunction with more than 30 leading political scientists
Hanging over us is a frightening cloud of political correctness. In some of its more lunatic aspects, political correctness is merely ridiculous. however in the thinking behind it, there is something more sinister which is shown by the fact that already there are certain areas and topics where freedom of speech, in the sense of the right to open and frank discussion, is being gradually but significantly eroded.
We must fight this trend as it strikes at the very heart of the free democratic principles


Brexit Party Plans and Proposals

We believe that Britain should be a sovereign nation with democratic control over its own laws, borders and money. An independent nation state with an international vision.

Leaving the EU — with its autocratic rules and unelected, unaccountable power structures — is the vital first step towards establishing democratic control. Once outside the EU, Britain will always be part of Europe, a continent of free peoples.

The betrayal of Brexit by the Westminster establishment reveals that British politics is broken. Their old two-party system and outdated politics of Left and Right serves only itself.

We believe Britain needs fundamental political reform to promote democracy and make the people sovereign. That must mean challenging the pillars of establishment control, from the unrepresentative electoral system and the unelected House of Lords to the entrenched and unaccountable powers of the civil service and the BBC.

We want to put the principles of trust and integrity at the centre of political life. Britain needs political leaders the people can trust — and who will trust the people to make their own democratic decisions.

We believe Britain should be a nation of free and equal citizens, enjoying the historic liberties we pioneered such as freedom of speech, and looking after those in need. We champion the British values of tolerance and fairness and embrace the diversity of Britain’s people — and of their opinions.

We believe that a clean-break Brexit and the changes it can bring will be a great opportunity to rebuild Britain. By investing the Brexit dividend in the regions outside London, we can create a country that is fairer and freer as well as more democratic



Ensuring the  best interests of  the people of East Hampshire

About Malcolm

I was born in Woking in Surrey and now I live in Petersfield which is within the East Hants Constituency. I have run two Electronics and Engineering companies for the last 30 years and I’m now semi-retired and passing the company on to my Son. My career has involved extensive travel throughout the world even to oil rigs in the North Sea and so I’m very familiar with other cultures and ways of life both professionally and on a personal level and to giving lectures and talks to quite large audiences especially in China. The international trade was mostly conducted under WTO terms, it works and it’s easy. I was also involved with setting up a Chinese /UK Joint venture company with the Chinese ministry of aviation

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